Deep Photonics Instrumentation, have been a premier representation and technical solution providing company in India in the field of PHOTONICS, SEMICONDUCTOR and THIN-FILM DEPOSITION.
We provide complete solution for researchers in the field of Laser Spectroscopy, Reaction Kinetics using optical methods, Fluorescence Studies, Optical Tomography etc. We integrate and install high energy Femto-second Multi-pass Amplifier, OPA, OPO, Scanning and Fixed Autocorrelators.
We offer a wide range of products to researchers and Industrial personals in the field of life science, Bio-Medical Engineering, Optics, Semiconductor and Photonics Industries. To name a few, Vibration Free platform, Optical sources for Optical Tomography, Flip-Chip Bonding systems, Automatic Die-bonder, Wafer Handling and Polishing machine, Sputtering System, CVD, PECVD, IAD, Ion Beam Polishing System, Ellipsometers, Surface Profiler (Contact and Non Contact type) etc.
At Deep photonics we strive to become a one stop shop for our customers for their need for Lasers, Optical Tables, Optics, Optomechanical Hardware, Detectors, Powermeters, Optical Fibers, Optical test and Measurement Instruments, Motion Control products and software, spectrographs, spectroscopy, light measurement, monocromators, piezo electric accuators, motion controls, bio medical instruments, photonics, vibration controls.
We have a good team of highly qualified engineers to provide the custom solutions for the research programmes.
In Finally we assure our customers that we are here to provide the entire solution & support to their R & D activities with proper instrumentation & Service.
We are ready to assist you instantaneous at any time.