Deep Photonics Instrumentation

Sample Chambers

Nitrogen Cooled Sample Chamber for FTIR SPS-300 (Fixed)
Sku: 188-8904

This Sample Chamber will operate at either 77K or at room temperature, but does not include any mechanism to regulate the temperature between those points.
It requires a supply of liquid nitrogen in order to operate (sold separately).

SPS-300 Sample Chamber (SPS403)
Sku: 188-9014

This is an external transmission and reflectance sample chamber that can be mated to an output port of the SPS-series FTIRs. This sample chamber allows small samples (such as cuvettes or thin films) to be studied in both reflection and transmission. The sample chamber shares the vacuum environment with the FTIR, but an optional window or vacuum gate (sold separately) allows the chamber to be isolated from the FTIR. The sample chamber utilizes reflective aspheric optics with gold coating for excellent far infrared and terahertz operation.

SPS-300 Sample Chamber - Peltier Cooled (SPS403)
Sku: 188-9003

This external transmission/reflectance sample chamber can be mated to the output port of a Sciencetech FTIR system. This chamber allows small samples to be studied in both transmission and reflectance modes, at temperatures ranging from approximately -20° Celsius to room temperature. The sample chamber utilizes gold coated aspheric optics for excellent signal in the infrared and terahertz region.