Deep Photonics Instrumentation

Sample Chambers

(SC-12) General Purpose Sample Chamber
Sku: 130-9011

The SC-12 is a general purpose sample chamber that can be conifured in multiple ways to address a number of application requirements.
Configurations include
- Flourescence Spectroscopy
- Diffuse Reflection and Transmission Measurements
- Conversion of Sciencetech standard monochromators to dual beam spectrometers.
The SC-12 is 305mmx 305mm x 205mm (LxWxH).
The base of the sample chamber is an optical breadboard and can be ordered in imperial (standard) or metric (-M) versions.
The standard system does not come with a sample holder. See the product literature for more information on how to configure the sample chamber.
Please see our detailed product literature for more information or contact a technical sales representative to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.

(SC-TFH) Thin Film Solid Sample Holder
Sku: 130-8003

The cuvette holder inside the sample chamber can be replaced with an optional thin film holder.
This thin film holder is 2" x 2" square, although other sizes are available (please enquire). The thin film holder is placed at an angle to the input port such that the angle of incidence is 45 degrees.
Should the optional TE sample cooling pad be ordered, this cooler connects directly to the thin film holder frame at the base. Hence cooling of the sample is done through physical contact with the frame.

SC-3201 Sample Chamber
Sku: 130-9010

This sample chamber has one input port and two output ports. One of the output ports is 90° relative to the input port, allowing it to be used in fluorescence type applications. The other output port is directly across from the input port allowing it to be used for transmission measurements/applications. The lid of the sample chamber can be removed, thus exposing the built-in cuvette holder inside. This cuvette holder holds 10 x 10mm size cuvettes. Optionally, the cuvette holder can be upgraded to a thin film holder capable of mounting 20x20mm samples. We recommend talking with one of Sciencetech's technical sales staff to determine if the thin film holder will be sufficient for your particular application.

Please note this sample chamber do not include any built-in focusing and defocusing optics onto the sample as the light beam through the chamber is anticipated to be collimated. Such focusing and defocusing optics is part of the optical coupling tubes that connects the sample chamber to various external pieces such as a light source or monochromator.