Deep Photonics Instrumentation

Single Channel Detectors

Sciencetech supplies and integrates a wide variety of single channel detectors. Detectors vary by a number of important parameters.

Detector Material and Spectral Region:

semiconductor type detectors are sensitive to the spectral region matched to the bandgap energy of the semiconductor. This means that detectors of different material types are sensitive to different wavelength regions. Use the shop by: spectral region or detector material selections on the right hand side of the screen to select the best detector for your application.

Temperature Control:

Some detectors can be temperature controlled or require cryogenics such as liquid helium or liquid nitrogen in order to be operable.

AC or DC Coupling:

Some detectors are photoconducters and require modulated light in order to detect a signal. These types of detectors are listed as AC coupled. Generally for AC coupled detectors a lock in amplifier (LIA) or demodulator are required before measurements can be performed.

We provide all types of Single Channel Detectors