Light Sources

      Light sources are the starting point for photonics experiments and applications. We offer a wide variety of incoherent light sources and lasers to meet most photonic requirements.
      We have Arc Lamp (xenon, mercury, mercury-xenon) Sources (Power 75W-2500W, above are custom), Incandescent Light Sources (QTH for diffrent power level), Tunable Light Sources, Calibration Light Sources, Solar Simulators.

Solar Simulation And Testing Equipment

      Our solar simulators produce high intensity, uniform illumination on a target area for all type of Solar Cell Testing. Typically, high power solar simulators use an ellipsoidal reflector to capture light from an arc lamp source inside the reflector, an arrangement that results in a light pattern with a bright outer region and a dark center. This non-uniformity is un- acceptable in many solar simulator applications and as a result, which forces many of our solar simulator competitors to use designs involving diffusers to reduce the non-uniformity. This results in a reduction of intensity and a distortion of the spectrum on the target area overcoming to this with our unique design.
      We provide Modular Systems for IV, Spectral Response, Quantum Efficiency, CPM Test Equipment for Continous Solar Simulators as well as Flash Solar Simulators, Power Meters and calibration Cells, Cell Chucks etc.

Far Infrared Systems (THz)

       Far-Infrared and THz radiation is the spectral region at the long wavelength end of the infrared and the short and of the microwave region. THz light is commonly used in material science, security, pharmaceutical comound analysis, biomedical imaging, superconductiong materials, astronomy and particle physics research.
      Sciencetech is a poineer in THz spetroscopy, having supplied its SPS-200 Far Infrared FTIR to submillimeter wavelength research communities in astronomy and particle physics. European space agency, which used the SPS-300 to calibrate their detectors for its Planck/Herschel Mission to analyse the origins of the universe, deserve our thanks for their support in making this possible.


       Our Spectroscopy division have versatile design of spectroscopy equimpents as per user application for a wavelength range of 190-5000nm with resolution of 0.001 nm to 15nm @ higher wavelengths with unique design along Single Channel(PMT) and multichannel (CCD, EMCCD) detectors. A few of systems are Raman System (Micro-Macro), Raman System with Dual and Tripple Spectrograph Configuration, UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Spectroscopy, Photo-corrosion system, Spectral Fiber Illuminaion System, Spectroradiometer System for Spectral Characterisation System.
      A wide range of Monochromators, Detectors, Sample chamber, Echelle Spectrometer, other accessories


      Diode Lasers, Solid State Lasers, Gas Lasers, Laser Safety Goggles, Laser Viewing Cards, Laser Diodes

Test and Measurement

      We have wide range of our custom Test Setup like LED Characterisation Setup, Laser Diode Characterosation Setup, CCD Test Setup, Head-up Display Test Setup, for other test setup please consult with our Application Engineer.


      Optical Crystals, Laser Crystal, Optical Windows, Optical Lenses, Optical Mirrors, Optical Prisms, Optical Beamsplitters, Optical Waveplates, Optical Polarizers, Quartz Cuvettes, Optical filters (Raman, Notch filters, interference filters, holographic notch filters,Raman spectroscopy filters, narrow band, wide band, edge filters, beam filters, equalization filters, linear filters, AR coatings, laser line filters, multi peak filters, edge pass filters, band pass filters, GFF filters, CWDM filters, WDM filters, FTTx filters, dichroic filters, fluorescence filters, light absorbers, solid etalon filters, deposited etalon filters, dual purpose filters, black absorbers, beam splitter filters, FITC filters, gain flattening filter, custom optical filters, emission filters, excitation filters, laser facet filters) custom thin film coatings etc


      Breadboards, Lab Jacks, Rods Clamps, Optical Rails, Translation Stages, Rotation Stages, Mounting Bases, Mirror Mounts, Lens Tubes, Spacer Ring, Apertures.


      Newtonian Reflecting Telescopes, Classical Cassegrain and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Telescopes, telescopes for Custom LIDAR system. Large Telescopes upto 3.6m

Semiconductor Production Systems


Thinfilm Coating & Measurement