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Solar Simulation And Testing Equipment

      Our solar simulators produce high intensity, uniform illumination on a target area for all type of Solar Cell Testing. Typically, high power solar simulators use an ellipsoidal reflector to capture light from an arc lamp source inside the reflector, an arrangement that results in a light pattern with a bright outer region and a dark center. This non-uniformity is un- acceptable in many solar simulator applications and as a result, which forces many of our solar simulator competitors to use designs involving diffusers to reduce the non-uniformity. This results in a reduction of intensity and a distortion of the spectrum on the target area overcoming to this with our unique design.
      We provide Modular Systems for IV, Spectral Response, Quantum Efficiency, CPM Test Equipment for Continous Solar Simulators as well as Flash Solar Simulators, Power Meters and calibration Cells, Cell Chucks etc.

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